Karla meets with constituents at the Benton County Fair

Vote For Karla!

At the center of my work is the understanding that our families are precious. The issues I will focus on as State Representative are for the purpose of rebuilding our family friendly communities and creating new opportunities for our families to be successful.

Building Our Local Economy-

As a Minnesota State Representative I will fight fiercely for our struggling local businesses and make entrepreneurship in my district B15 a reality that will create the economic stability we deserve. I know the importance of local economy, and keeping the money we work hard for within our community.

Advocating For Our Veterans-

To ensure they receive the proper health care and services they deserve as protectors of our countries freedoms.

Transportation and Infrastructure-

We need to make our communities business friendly by repairing our crumbling roads, and ensuring access to the 21st century technology that so many businesses rely on in this day and age.